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Senior Yearbook Deadlines

Senior Portraits

Due Date: Friday, October 20, 2017

Submission Process:

All Senior Portraits MUST be submitted online here.

  • The Senior Student should be the FOCUS of the portrait.
  • Electronic versions of senior portraits are required. Do not attempt to submit printed versions of your senior portrait.
  • Props included in the photo must be tasteful, school appropriate, and should not cover the student's face in any way. The student must be the focus of the photo; therefore, large props that interfere with the student being the focus (large animals, vehicles, etc.) may be declined or cropped at the discretion of the yearbook advisor. Hats must be school appropriate and may not cast a shadow on the student's face.
  • Photo Size: the bigger the better - high resolution photos preferred. We will crop the photo if needed, and want to avoid pixelation. Please provide a photo that is 300 d.p.i. minimum to avoid pixelation.
PLEASE - DO NOT submit a screenshot of your senior portrait while looking at it on your phone - Submit the ORIGINAL, HIGH RESOLUTION PHOTO.
  • Photos must be vertical or will be cropped.
  • FULL Color photos ONLY. No black and white or sepia.
  • Students must be recognizable in the photo - A basic frontal or 3/4" view is required.
  • All Senior Portraits must comply with the Cheney High School code of conduct, and the student’s clothing must be school appropriate. No inappropriate items, clothing, hand signals, or other subject matter will be allowed. Photos with illegal references, weapons, or suggestive content will be denied and turned over to the student’s respective administrator.  Portraits where the student appears naked or not fully clothed will be denied – try to avoid strapless clothing to ensure your portrait will be approved.
Remember, the student should be the focus of the photo. Therefore, the yearbook staff will adjust any photo to insure that the student is the focus and can be clearly seen in the printed version of the yearbook.

The yearbook advisor, staff, and/or Cheney High School/Cheney School District administration have final say on what images are school appropriate and reserve the right to deny any submitted photos that are deemed inappropriate. If no portrait is submitted by the deadline, the picture taken by Dorian Studio on picture day or picture re-take day will be used. If no senior portrait is submitted by the deadline and no picture was taken by Dorian Studio Photography on the picture days available, the senior WILL NOT APPEAR IN THIS YEAR'S YEARBOOK.

Senior Superlatives Voting

Senior Superlatives (Senior Mosts) are a Cheney High School tradition where the senior class students are given a list of different superlatives and a list of every student in their graduating class. Students vote for who they believe in the senior class matches the different superlatives best. For example: best dressed, best hair, most likely to succeed, etc. The Class of 2018 voted out of the available categories in Spring 2017 during a class meeting. The categories that were most voted for appear in the ballot choices. The number of categories available depends on the space availability in the yearbook.

Voting Opens Online: August 30, 2017

Voting CLOSES Online: Friday, October 20, 2017 at 11:59pm

Submission Process:

Seniors will submit their votes online here. Each senior is only allowed to vote once and you will be required to login to your SCHOOL Google Email Account. You MUST use your SCHOOL Gmail Account and will not be allowed to use your personal Google account if you have one. If you don't know what your school email account is or how to access it, please follow the instructions below.

Access the login screen for your SCHOOL Google Account here.

Your username is your school ID number (Example:
Your password is your birthday (just like when you login to school computers, with the full year).

If you are still unable to access your School Gmail Account, please see Mrs. Silvieus in room 112 for assistance.

Senior Baby Pictures

Due Date: Friday, October 20, 2017

Submission Process:

Senior Baby Pictures SHOULD BE to be submitted online here.

Baby pictures of seniors are required to meet appropriate guidelines to be printed in the Cheney High School Yearbook. Please adhere to the following guidelines for Senior baby pictures:

Photo size: the bigger the better - high resolution photos are best. Submit photos with 300 d.p.i. minimum to avoid pixelation. You can easily scan your picture with your smartphone now! Consider using an app like CamScanner to scan your baby picture!

Photos will be cropped to fit within the designated photo frame dependent upon the yearbook page layout and number of photos submitted. Photos cannot contain other people - only the Senior can be in the baby picture.

No innapropriate items, clothing, hand signals, or other subject matter allowed. All senior baby pictures must comply with the Cheney High School code of conduct. Anything regarding illegal references, weapons, or is suggestive will be turned over to the student's respective administrator. Students must be fully clothed; senior baby pictures where the student appears naked will be denied.

Senior Class Photo & K-12 Photos

The entire Senior Class will have the opportunity to get together to take a class photo in the number of the graduation year as well photos of students who have attended Cheney School District from kindergarten to senior year.

Students will be released from 4th period at 12:00 PM on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 to the CHS Football Field to take the photos.

Senior Class Running Start and Skills Center Students are encouraged to attend this event.